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Tangential air homogenizers for the introduction or addition of air or oxygen into aeration or equalization tanks or lagoons.

A pronta entrega


- High performance in the addition of oxygen, therefore with reduction in installed power;

- Reduction of biologic sludge generation ;

- High liquid equalization and circulation efficiency (it does not allow dead zones);

- It does not generate mist;

- Silent operation;

- It allows the addition of pure oxygen, especially when WTPs are on emergency condition;

- Quick and simple installation on flotation devices, catwalks or platforms;

- Customized equipment, according to the customer's needs;

- Manual or automatic operation;

- Supplied ready to use;

- Optimum cost-benefit ratio;

- Larger air displacement per installed power unit;

- Low maintenance and operation cost;

-Great durability, more than 100,000 hours.